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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs of 2015

Surprise of all surprises, Fascinating Flowers is qualified to be one of the Top Emerging Influential Blogs in the Philippines for this year.


A number of my blogging peers are just amazed and surprised to see papaleng running a 'flower' blog. They even send me private messages asking, "how on earth, have I picked such niche for a blog". Even I at the start was too hesitant to go on with this writing project. But, deep in my mind, I told myself to go for it. I have three good reasons that help Fascinating flowers a reality. One, I am that good in expressing my thoughts through writing. And secondly, I am a Nature lover and I easily fall in love seeing beautiful and colourful flowers. Third, growing old offers one 2 great hobbies: having a cat/dog as your companion or busying yourself tending a backyard garden.

Since, I can't have all those gorgeous flowers planted in my garden, I content myself reading flower-related articles and spending hours simply watching photos of them. I find this endeavour so rewarding, thus I deemed my experiences be shared through social media forum. From a few close friends, Fascinating flowers is now reaching more audiences -- old and young alike.

Aside from Fascinating Flowers being qualified, I am also giving out my other choices for the Emerging Influential Blogs of 2015.

Garbage Pollution and Environment -- I am an advocate for Clean Air and I posted articles in this blog very helpful.

LoverBoyz Avenue -- I find the blog title so cute.. And yes I fancy cars so I think this blog will do go in the future. find this blog

Chef Jay's Kitchen -- It is so obvious on why I pick this blog. I am a foodie lover.

Manila Concert Junkies -- the blog offers love and relationship issues explain it such easy to understand format. Taglish pa ang wordings.

frugalyetfat.com-- my wife pick this one. She find the blog's post of good use to her. Welcome to the Woman's World.

Dugout Philippines -- Yes! Sports news roll into one page. That's suits me well.

Nice Things Philippines -- Since time is not on my side when it comes to Travel, Contenting myself on a virtual travel tour of the Philippines finest is a good alternative.

The Bag Investigator -- another good choice by my wife. Just like a typical Pinay housewife, she digs bags and the likes.

Doctor Eamer's Blog-- This is one Tagalog blog that will generate noise in the future. Ang cute ng mga topic.


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  1. Hello. I am unable to note of your 10th choice as it does not have a link to the blog you are referring to. Kindly add and pm me on FB when done. Thank you.

  2. Thank you Fascinating Flowers for including Chef Jay's Kitchen as one of your entries! I appreciate it a lot!