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Monday, December 15, 2014

The Unique Green Rose!

A compact description of a Green rose – a unique rose variety.

As the saying goes “A rose has a special place in a woman’s heart”, so what do roses have that led many to this strange fascination. Is it the various shades that symbolize different emotions or the unique fragrance some varieties proudly emit? No matter what the reason is, Green rose will perhaps never make it to the “Most sought-after rose” list. Why? Read on to know the reasons.

Green Rose

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Green rose (Rosa chinensis viridiflora) or commonly referred to as the “China rose”, is perhaps the oddest rose which exist on earth. What makes it an odd kind of rose is its bloom – having leaves as petals!

The sepals resemble leaves that cover the rose buds, thus, protecting them before opening. The two-inch apple green bloom is borne in small clusters with a spicy, peppery fragrance.

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Most rose experts say that this rose variety has been in cultivation since 1743. It became more popular when it was first put on sale in 1856, at the Paris Exposition Universelle. Green rose is asexual - the blooms have no stamens or stigmas, therefore, it cannot be hybridize.

Though rarely seen in nature, Green rose is a beautiful sight to behold and has typically symbolizes fertility, peace, and harmony.


  1. I have never heard of this rose until now. If you look at it, the petals do look like the green leaves that cover a real rose bud.

  2. I have never seen a green rose before. Thanks for sharing this KUya!

  3. it's magnificent, the green is very rare i wish to see one myself someday.